Nuggets of Truth

"There is no good apart from You"

The Pslamist reminds us in 16:2 that he has no other good than the Lord himself. Is that not encouraging for us who are constantly worried about the "good" in life. We toil so hard to get a good life. Our way of describing the good has to do with what makes us feel important and satisfying. Our way of having good is to do with "stuff" which we think will fulfill us. In order to find that which satisfies us we fill our lives with all kinds of things which then binds us so much that we fail to realize the ultimate good. But the Bible is profound in saying that we do not have any other good than the Lord himself. Once we realize that the Lord is the supreme good then the rest of other "good" will pale into insignificance. The Pslamist wants the readers to understand that once you have the Lord as the ultimate good then you will be able to experience all other good things as coming from Him. Enjoy the Lord today as the ultimate good and He will bring all good things to you.

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"My Times are in Your Hands"

The Psalmist reminds us in 31:15 that our times are in the hands of our God. Are you glad about this truth? If you understand this truth then you shall be indeed set free. Many a times we wander aimlessly through the maze of disillusionment, discouragement and doubt. We are trying to make sense of our life and situation. We are striving hard to find ultimate meaning for our existence. Yet the Bible teaches us that our times are in His hand. He is the one who knows our past, present and future. He has been the same since time began or from all of eternity. He says that I am that I am. He who led yesterday will lead today and will lead tomorrow. He who fed yesterday will feed today and feed tomorrow. He who protected yesterday will protect today and will protect tomorrow. Once we understand this simple truth we can redirect our energies from that which is causing discouragement and doubt to something that has eternal value. So, friend if you are going through soemthing in your life today know this that our good and bad times are in His hand.

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